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Dave&= #8217;s Adventures with DELL Computers

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Dave will discuss and r= eport on the efforts made to obtain a second computer at the same price as a first one, a month later.  Will he be successful with this endeavor?  We shall see, I will keep you informed.  I will say this; they are not very timely in their actions or response.  Time is money and they don’t think I’m worth it I guess?=  


That was w= hat was said at the beginning of this adventure.&n= bsp; Had to consider all things and one thing that came to mind was the coupon that showed up mysteriously in the mail this morning.  A nice Thank Y= ou card from Dell.  Funny as th= is sounds and not to pass around too much but I only check my phone messages o= nce a day, although my wife has been known to check it more often.

 = ;

That being= said, time to check phone messages, …another one= of life’s roadblocks tossed out.  The last message received was at 1654 from someone of somewhere that= I did not understand, even after repeated playing, but I did get the number, = when I googled the number it was not in the phone book.  Tried to find the region of the ar= ea code and it turns out that the 866 is now a Toll Free number just like the = 800 or 877 area codes, they needed more numbers.  Anyway, turns out it was a collect= ion agency looking for Tim Zwick or something like = that, they will remove my number from their database as a fabricated number by th= at individual.

 = ;

Checked my= e-mail and received another surprise:

 = ;

We regret to inform yo= u that Dell Home Systems has chosen not to accept you into their affiliate program= at this time.  We reserve the rig= ht to reject your application if we determine your site is unsuitable. An unsuitable site includes, but is not limited to:<= o:p>


1.&n= bsp;   Sites that are unavailable or are under construction

2.&n= bsp;   Aesthetically unpleasing sites

3.&n= bsp;   Sites that do not contain computer or electronics category

4.&n= bsp;   Sites with hate/violent/offensive content

5.&n= bsp;   Sites containing sexually explicit materials

6.&n= bsp;   Sites promoting alcoholic beverages or excessive drinking/drug use

7.&n= bsp;   Sites promoting discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disabil= ity, sexual orientation, or age

8.&n= bsp;   Sites that promote violence or illegal activities

9.&n= bsp;   Sites containing extreme religious content Gambling or lottery sites <= /span>

10.Political sites that endorse one party or extreme political sites

11.Sites containing Dell or Dell derivations in the= url

12.Sites that misrepresent themselves as Dell by co-opting the visual "look and feel" of the Dell site =

13.Sites that use any type of spyware or illegal adware


Please feel free to re= -apply with Dell Home Systems whenever you feel you have been able to address the concern(s) listed above.


If you encounter any problems, or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit our = Help section by clicking here (http://www.linkshar= e.com/help.html), or contact us at Dell@linkshare.com. 


Best regards,


Dell Home Systems Affi= liate Team



That was wh= at they sent to me, minus the numbering, they had it all in one big long paragraph, but I can understand their reason for rejecting me as I do fall = into many of their reasons.  Items:=   1, 2 (opinions), 3, 4 (talk about = the war), 5 (there is a boob shot in the military stuff), 6 (freedom to do eith= er), 9 (opinions), 10 (opinions), and the only type spyware I have is the abilit= y to see what servers visit my website, and I report this publicly on the site e= ach month, I don’t hurt anyone with the site except with truth. 


Bottom line= the call was theirs, but was this a coincidence?  Who knows, who would really say? 


Went to the= DELL website to check on the coupon they sent me and it says it doesn’t wo= rk, a misprint on the coupon, call the sales department to find out why.  Some simple things are never easy,= are they?  I did notice one thing = they are now doing, giving away a printer with every order, new this morning.  Down side it is the worst printer = they have, no cables, no ink cartridges, tricky ain’t= it?   <= /b>


Almost forg= ot to date things: the top paragraph occurred on Tuesday the 10th of J= an 2006 and the subsequent paragraph was the following day.  Here it is Sunday Jan 15th, 2006 and I still have not heard from Dell.=   Do you think they really care?


Monday, Jan= uary 16, 2006 and still no contact from Dell.&n= bsp;


Tuesday, Ja= nuary 24, 2006 and still no contact from Dell.


I am very disappointed in DELL.  Maybe t= ime to look for an alternate?


January 30<= sup>th, can’t wait anymore, yes, I am very disappointed in Dell.  I ordered my daughter a slightly l= arger machine but basically the same and it cost an additional hundred dollars.  I am going to start looking for us= ed machines on the web. 


Good luck t= o anyone who tries to deal with Dell, this is a company who has become too big and t= hey don’t really care about the individual anymore.  They also do not place much priori= ty on repeat business as I have bought quite a few machines through them but get = no special treatment or discounts.  They may be big now but in a few years they will steadily decline because of customer service.