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Homeland Security Advisory


What do you know about Iraq?

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Good War Pics

Veterans History Project

DAV NC State

Combat-Related SpecialCompensation (CRSC) {ARMY}

Hero Departure

What is Memorial Day?

DAV #43

The American Legion

Muslims in England

Marine Prayers

God Blesses Grandma

Military Wisdom

Troops coming home video clip

Veterans Day TEACHER'S Kit

NC House of American Flags

Federal Flag Code Amendment Act of 2007

Photographic proof of American Soldiers Abusing Iraqis

The Marine

Helicopter Rescue Mission Photo

Blonde Female Sniper

Department of Defense Constitution Day and Citizenship Day Website

Know your charities!

Red Friday 2

Dinner in Montana

Air Force Sergeants Association

AFSA Division 3

AFSA Chapter 363

Military Prayer Chain


GI Search

Help Our Troops Call Home


Smart Americans


Iraq War Blog

Do you care about GI�s?

Patton�s Ghost has a message for us

What do you think punishment is?

American Tanks

Quit High School to join the WAR?

Pledge of Allegiance PLUS

WWII Memorial Dedication

Sea to Shining Sea

B-17 Crash in 1943?

Wake UP America!

The Rock

Dishonorable Jane Fonda

National Archives

DAV #43 50th Anniversary

VA Medical Center at Oteen, NC

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) {USAF}

Vietnam Veterans of America - Morganton Chapter

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Let�s Say THANKS

What can non-vets do to help other military veterans?

Kosovo Duty

Hummer Memorial

John McCain's Pledge of Allegiance

Bill Clinton's Military Career

If I Die Before You Awake


District 3


Daughter of a Soldier - red Fridays

Why My Son?



Bill of Rights

General Norman Schwartzkopf

Veterans Remembered

Remember Pearl Harbor?

Marine Tribute

Ann Margret


Jet Jockeys

Jack Murtha


Amputee Mag

Muslim Terrorist

FRA Emblem

Branch 123

Military Prayer Wheel

Support Our Soldiers Web Ring


Devil Representatives

(They hate VETS)

Veteran Jobs not available

Veteran Jobs Available NOW

New Flag Folding

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Unknown Soldier


Navy Recall to Sea

Old Soldier Christmas Poem

Mother of all Bombs

Meaning of Flag Draped Coffin

Website for the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Welcome to The Military Coalition

USAF Recruiting

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Arlington National Cemetery<![

Blue Angels

Veterans Affairs banner with U.S. Flag






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