From: Keith Castan []
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 5:20 PM
To: Keith Castan
Subject: Crossroads


We have finally arrived.


November 4th 2008 may very well be the date in history that marks the end of the United States of America and the beginning of the Union of Socialist States of America.


FDR started the ball rolling on the Something for Nothing Society and the rise of central planning.


We are at the tipping point and could see the end of our experiment in individual freedom and a return to the days of the King.


We and the English could have saved a lot of time, money, and lives as the notion of a free republic is apparently just a fleeting dream.


Elections in the United States are no longer about Democrats and Republicans.  Obama uses the word fundamental change for a reason.


The Democratic Party has already fundamentally changed and it should be renamed the Communist Party of the Union of Socialist States of America.


Thomas Jefferson would never recognize this Democrat Party as his Party.


I have not seen election fraud on this level since the elections in Panama after the removal of Noriega.


Why do we even have a question about the native born citizenship of our candidates?  The proof should be simple, open and immediate.  Lawsuits?  At least one was born in an American holding,  Something about a hospital in Africa for the other.


How does hate help us eliminate hate?


Why does the free press, given so much freedom to help maintain our freedom, choose the return to bondage?  When were they turned?


Our schools are indoctrination centers not centers of learning.


We are fat, weak, and care so little for one another that we do not even share a common language let alone a culture.


It certainly appears the wealth generated by our freedom, our capitalist system, was the elixir that put us to sleep.  A sleep allowing our enemies to infiltrate without force of arms to take over without firing a shot.


There certainly is no longer the need for violent socialist revolutions to enslave the world.


We are now the prime example of how peaceful overthrow is done.


Vote your single issue.  Vote party loyalty.  Vote from ignorance.


Just remember things will change and unless you have no use for Freedom you will not like the change that is coming.